G+T’s Fintech practice supports businesses that are participating in, innovating or disrupting the way in which payments, markets and platforms, and infrastructure are delivered, accessed and consumed. Our clients include both new and incumbent organisations focused on services that are more efficient and responsive to consumer needs and regulatory requirements.

    Our Approach

    Our team of Fintech lawyers have advised some of the most successful and ground-breaking fintech businesses operating in Australia and globally. Our experience is across the sector and includes financial institutions, neobanks, fund and asset managers, payments and digital wallet providers, platforms, product distributors, marketplace lending, fractionalised and tokenised assets, digital currencies and exchanges.

    Our experience traverses the lifespan of business - from workshopping very early stage concepts to build scalable and marketable solutions, to advising founder-held and start-up businesses through the process of obtaining VC or PE money, to working with established businesses looking to pivot or deliver product enhancements and new service offerings.

    Our services

    As a leading Fintech law firm, G+T’s Fintech practice supports businesses that are participating in, innovating or disrupting payments, markets and platforms and infrastructure.

    Payments: In an increasingly cashless world, transactions are completed in near real-time without any cash changing hands. Payments now more closely reflect an exchange of goods or services for some agreed modicum of value, which may not resemble fiat or government backed currency. We service clients who understand this emerging global trend and want to commercialise fast, transparent and convenient payment systems, or create an ecosystem in which participants agree among themselves to exchange “X” for “Y”.

    Markets and platforms: Peer-to-peer and disintermediated marketplaces and platforms now exist alongside traditional markets and platforms, offering customers alternative and convenient ways to interact with others and access products and services. We work with clients dealing with the challenges that come with providing traditional and innovative regulated products and services to a unique customer base, in a responsible and compliant way.

    Infrastructure: Technology has changed the financial services regulatory infrastructure. With this comes opportunities for faster and more transparent transactions, but also risks to security and data protection. Our clients are leading the development of infrastructure to service and support financial services innovations and disruptions. Our role as Fintech law experts is to work with these clients to develop solutions that balance opportunities and risks.

    Our experience includes advising:

    • Xinja in relation to its establishment of one of the first neo-banks to operate in Australia.
    • On the establishment and ongoing operation of The BRICKX Platform, which is an online platform for investors to buy and sell units (Bricks) in residential investment property trusts. The BRICKX platform was launched for wholesale clients in 2015 and retail clients in 2016.
    • On the launch of ‘Tide’– a new blockchain based protocol that will facilitate the personal data economy by enabling organisations to monetise the information stored in their databases, whilst also addressing compliance with current and expected privacy regulation.
    • The establishment of CoVESTA, which is an online fractionalised asset investment platform.
    • Telegram, Havven (SNX), Tide, Agridigital, Chronobank, Incent, Lexium Capital, Quixxi, Lakeba and others in relation to digital token sales, crypto-asset strategies and exchange establishment.
    • The establishment of Tokenized, a platform for issuing, managing and trading security and utility tokens on the Bitcoin SV network.
    • The establishment of Graincorp’s Cropconnect grain marketplace.
    • Think Procurement in relation to its digital procurement platform.
    • The establishment of Nexus Initiative, a not-for-profit advisory and originator business.
    • PayPal, BPAY (including in relation to NPP and Osko), Moneytech, Havven, Tencent, Blueshyft, Daimler, Relaypay, Rev Australia, Ailo Holdings (Ray White Group), Westpac and Paid by Coins in relation to payment system solutions.
    • CBA in relation to the BEEM payments app.
    • BT in relation to the Panorama platform.
    • A leading Australian financial sector business in relation to the development of clearing and settlement solutions using DLT.
    • Money Place Limited in relation to the establishment of its marketplace lending platform.

    Gilbert + Tobin are ranked Band 1 for Fintech.

    Chambers Fintech 2021

    "They are innovative and have a great team. They have a great ability to get to the heart of the matter and to come up with practical solutions."

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    The Fintech team won a Highly Commended award in the Finance category at the 2016 Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Law Awards for their work on the BrickX platform.

    Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Law Awards 2016